Life Groups

What are Life Groups?

Life Groups” are groups of people regularly meeting in one venue or another, for the purpose of growing spiritually as they spend time together, reflect on God's Word, and encourage one another to live out their faith in daily life. 

"We desire to make fully devoted followers of Jesus, and this happens as we recognize that this life is a journey. One we take with Jesus and with one another. Our instruction manual for the journey is God’s Word, the Bible, and we believe that as we gather anywhere, and are in His Word together, we are exposed to His will; equipped and empowered to live the life He has called us to. Our gatherings, whether on a Sunday or in a Small Group during the week, are centered around his Word."

Why join a Life Group?

Life Groups are a safe place for joy, sorrow, questions and discovery. A place where care for each other happens, needs become known, trust is built, relationships flourish, and growth occurs. Small Groups are a place to get motivated and be with people who share the same concerns and yet know who to go to for answers. Often, meals are shared, along with laughs, good discussion, prayer and the casting of cares.

We want people to connect, and to grow in their relationship with one another, as they pursue the heart of God together! We want to see gatherings throughout our community, happening on every day of the week. People coming together, encouraging one another in the Lord, and being real with each other. We believe that when God’s people gather, He is in their midst, wherever they might be. So whether at a coffee shop, in a home, or at a restaurant believers can glorify God and grow in Him alongside each other. This is what is meant to “be the church”. Whether the gathering is small or great, God’s purposes stay the same and can be realized in any setting.

How do I find a Life Group?

If you’re interested in finding a group that fits, we’d love to help you!  If you’d like to learn more about our current Life Groups or have any questions, please contact us.