We are so glad that you are desiring to learn more about this church family. Our vision is to reach people with the love of Jesus Christ; connect them to His family; and make disciples. Our approach to achieving this vision is an attempt in authenticity; we don’t pretend to be perfect, have it all together and yet we follow the one who does; Jesus.

We are family friendly, which means we keep the whole family in mind and are sensitive to the various family dynamics that are existent in our culture. So whether you are single, remarried, have a young family, are a recent empty nester, or retired and trying to find your purpose, you have a place here. We are a family that God is building of people from all walks of life.  Our desire for each person who walks through the door is for them to join us as we journey with Christ, and grow together in His grace and likeness daily.

We desire to Reach people with the love of  Jesus and strive to do this at home and abroad.  We partner with missionaries who we’re personally connected with, team up with local ministries that meet needs and reach out through special events to convey the love of Christ and make a difference. As part of the church family you will see and have the opportunity to take part in this effort!

We desire to see people Connect, first with Jesus and then with each other. Our goal is to provide ample opportunity for positive relationships to happen; environments where people feel they can connect and grow.  Whether it be a special event, a church family BBQ, a Bible Study or over a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, we want our church experience to be relational, positive, encouraging and beyond the doors (and programs) of the church.

We desire to Make fully devoted followers of Jesus, and this happens as we all recognize that this life is a journey; our church family has decided to take this journey with Jesus, and with one another. Our instruction manual for the journey is God’s Word, the Bible, and we believe that as we gather and are in His Word together we are exposed to His will; equipped and empowered to live the life He has called us to. Our gatherings, whether on a Sunday or in a Small Group during the week, are centered around His Word.

So come join us, as we follow Christ on a Great Adventure!

Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith with Scripture