Elders & Ministry Leaders

  • Shane Freese - lead pastor

    Sally and I both accepted Christ at a young age and have been involved in the church ever since. We met while at New Tribes Mission Bible School. We were married in 1994 and have continued to work on loving each other as Christ loved us. Sally is an RN working at Gonzaga University and I have been bi-vocational for most of his Pastoral ministry.

    Sally and I have 4 amazing boys; Ken, Jon, Tim, and Chris. Sally and I enjoy the outdoors, spending time with our boys and some alone time together. Sally patiently enjoys my love of cars, motorcycles, and sports.

    My passion for the Church is to be the Church God has designed us to be. To Reach the Lost with the Gospel, to Connect the members of the body in deep meaningful relationships, and to Make disciples that multiply Christ-like lives by repeating the whole process.

  • Julie quirk - administrative assistant

    Julie and her husband Dean became believers in 1983. They attended an Easter Service at Calvary Chapel and accepted the Lord. They came to LLC in 1992 and both were very involved in children’s ministry and VBS for many years. Julie began working as an Administrative Assistant in 2004. Dean has been part of the media team since 2001.

    Dean and Julie got married in 1980. They have four grown children (three sons and one daughter). They also have two grandchildren. Julie loves spending time with her family, scrapbooking, reading, and going on day road trips with Dean.

  • Travis burks - Youth & Music director

    Claire and I both became believers in 2013. We met through a Bible Study in Colville, Washington, a few years later in 2017 & got married in 2018.  We were both involved in our home churches before we came together. We stepped down from leadership for a season to pursue God as a married couple. Since then, we love to pour our hearts out to our community, family, & friends through hospitality, counsel, and many, many movie/pizza nights.  Claire served in her local church for many years; her passions include missions, children, and family. I was given opportunities to serve multiple churches and the communities since the Lord saved my life in 2013. I led and co-led Worship and Youth Events, Bible Studies, and Prayer-walks. I love reading, hiking, fishing, volleyball, videogames, and Marvel Superhero’s.

  • Lee & Lisa Schwartzenburg

    Lee & Lisa and their daughters have attended LLC for 14 years. Lee has served on the elder board for over 6 years. Lisa is LLC’s Fellowship Director. They have 2 adult daughters, Logan and Taylor, and a son, Kai.

  • Gary & Tami Baker

    Gary is an elder and Tami is LLC’s Financial Manager. Gary grew up in Spokane Valley and graduated from West Valley HS in 1978. He graduated from WSU in 1984 as a pharmacist. He met Tami there and they were married in June of 1984. Gary spent 6 years as an Army officer, then 22 in the U.S. Public Health Service, retired in August 2012 and moved back to the Spokane area to work in December 2014. They built a house in Greenacres, which is where they live now. They have 3 adult children.